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SECURE YOUR ENROLLMENT With the author of the Secret Teachings of Eden, TAZO. Get this 14 Week Course of Esoteric Rosicrucian Lessons today, click below to enroll! It is quick and easy!

Get the New most advanced and up-to-date Rosicrucian Lessons on the Development of Higher Consciousness and Master your Inner Soul Nature in these 14 lessons in 14 Weeks!

Learn the Rosicrucian Soul Mastery System of Tazo.  Gleaned from the works of Rudolf Steiner and modernized for modern students.

Bring together all your learning from every other system into one comprehensive unit. 

Learn the 7 spiritual senses, the 7 spiritual bodies, and the 7 states of Consciousness. The number 7 is the secret of music, color, and every faucet of consciousness! 

Presented in clear and easy to follow lessons with charts, lectures, video, diagrams, and Q&A forum.

1st time ever offered! 

Get in the class and begin your inner transformation.

Why Get these Weekly Lessons?

To Master and Navigate your Inner Soul Nature, you need to know how your senses work, and how they work in Soul Landscapes, Atmospheres, and Substances. 

These 14 lessons will show you how your inner senses work along with your mind. The mind is the gateway to the Cosmic Soul Portal and the Chakras lite at the portals.  These 14 lessons will make your inner soul clear. Before you can see, your inner work is limited to what you can see, and that is all based on what you know.  

This Rosicrucian System presented in 14 lessons will give you all the essential tools you need. In addition, you will understand every  system ever created, past and present including modern science. 

You will also learn when your mind is 'off' and 'on a tangent'. This is important whenever anyone enters the inner space realm. You will not be in doubt about which direction to take.  These lessons will guide you with the most advanced system of inner training available. You will use it everyday and all your life.  

If you do the lessons, you will get the inner results you're looking for.

Are you plagued with any of the following? then you need this training
- your benefit will be huge from each lesson!

  • Inner Darkness
  • Pain
  • Frustration
  • Confusion
  • Imbalance
  • Loss of Energy

What You Will Get

  • 14 powerful Rosicrucian lessons over 14 weeks - Complete the 14 weeks and get Life-time access!
  • Also includes Platonic Philosophy, Sacred Geometry, Music, Science, Hindu, Buddhist Secrets, Meditations, Healing Techniques, Breathing Exercises, Time-less and Time-filled Soul Training, Esoteric Training and Instructions,
  • Drip Content Lessons
  • Includes exclusive access to the Philosophers Forum
  • Q+A FORUM - See what others think and interact with fans!
  • Fan Group and Readers Community
  • Access to 1000s of research terms database
  • FREE Talk with the Instructor Tazo
  • The Most Amazing Content and Discussions that will Astound you and May Even Change the Way You See Everything!
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